Organized tours from El Calafate
El Calafate offers organized excursions and specialized guides for a better recognition of the area. Most of the main attractions require a guided tour to be accessed.
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Los Glaciares National Park

Sport fishing
Birdwatching & Nature Interpretation
Excursions in 4WD trucks
Tourist Estancias
El Chaltén & Lago del Desierto
Back horse rides
Bosque Petrificado La Leona

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Los Glaciares National Park

Without any doubt, the essential atractions are in the National Park.
Visit to Perito Moreno
Esta excursión es la más importante y concurrida de la zona. El glaciar es un espectáculo indescriptible que colma al visitante de asombro y admiración, incluso ya desde el primer avistamiento a varios kilómetros de distancia en el camino.

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Tourism agencies in El Calafate
Sailing on Lago Argentino
Los glaciares del Parque Nacional permiten un acceso y visualización único en el mundo. Esta característica, sumada al contraste de colores de la región, sus paisajes circundantes, los impactantes desprendimientos de enormes masas de hielo y un clima propicio para su observación los convierten en un espectáculo magnífico. El Parque cuenta con 13 grandes glaciares, siendo el glaciar Perito Moreno el más célebre y popular.

Trekking on the Perito Moreno glacier
As sailing near the glacier offers an unique visual perspective, to experience walking on Perito Moreno glacier (minitrekking) is outstanding. Once the Rico branch is crossed, the walk through the woods starts, at the end of the way, crampons are given to be put on. Once this task is complete, small groups escorted by specialized guides start a walk of around two hours among great ice peaks, towers, turquoise blue cracks and small lagoons. It is an easy walk, recommended for ages between 10 to 60 years old. It is also important to take sport shoes, if possible trekking shoes, thick socks, long trousers, jacket, sweater, sun glasses, sun block, gloves and hat

More Information: Hielo & Aventura
Exploration to Upsala glacier
La navegación por el brazo norte del Lago Argentino hasta el frente mismo del glaciar Upsala, desde donde parten vehículos 4x4 hasta un privilegiado mirador desde donde el cual puede observarse la basta extensión del glaciar y sus cerros periféricos- es una excelente opción para conocer tanto por agua como por tierra uno de los glaciares más imponentes del Parque Nacional. También es posible realizar caminatas y cabalgatas en la zona acompañados de un guía.
Glaciar Upsala

Sport fishing
The lakes and rivers are good for sport fishing, offering a variety of rainbow trouts, lake trouts, river trouts and percas .

Birdwayching and nature interpretation
A birding and nature interpretation walk accompanied by a biologist in Nimez Lagoon reserve and the lake shore, for about two hours. Lagoons, marshes, grasslands and Patagonian shrubland host a wide variety of birds ranging from Chilean Flamingo, Black-faced Ibis, Cattle Egret, Black-crowned Night Heron, Magellanic Oystercatcher, species of grebes, ducks, geese, swans, coots, lapwings, stilts, plovers, sandpipers, snipes, gulls, kestrels, falcons, harriers, passerines like Scale-throated Earthcreeper, Long-tailed Meadowlark, Black-chinned Siskin, Yellow-winged Blackbird, Patagonian Mockingbird, Wren-like Rushbird, species of wrens, cinclodes, pipits, canasteros, tyrants, sierra finches, to the unique Magellanic Plover.

Excursions in 4WD trucks
For those who dare to go where no other vehicle has traveled before, there are imposing landscapes to visit on a 4 WD truck..

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MIL Outdoor Adventure : Av. del Libertador 1029 - Telephone: +54-2902-491437

Many of the establishments in this area are offering tourist services; as a country hotel, giving lodge and all services during the stay or just offering tours, typical meals and excursions.

Visit the Estancias

Visit to El Chalten
On the northern extreme of the park, the granite peaks, lakes, woods and glaciers become all together one of the most extraordinary places of the world. The highest mountains are Mt. Fitz Roy (3405m) and Mt. Torre (3102 m). In this scenario, the small village of El Chaltén, gives shelter to the climbers and trekkers of all around the world.

Visit El Chaltén

Back Horse Rides
Pueden realizarse cabalgatas cortas y largas -de hasta 5 días de duración incluyendo almuerzo, visita a estancias y pernocte acampando. Se recorren los cerros, ríos y bosques del lugar.


Bosque Petrificado La Leona

A whole day outing on the patagonian steppe. A tour organized having in mind all of us that like to walk the wild open outdoors of Patagonia, exploring a palaeontological site packed full of large petrified tree trunks over 1.2 meters in diameter and heaps of fragments of dinosaur bones as well as big whole dino pieces. Departing East from El Calafate, we turn left at "highway" 40 and drive North. We travel mostly trough open steppe with magnificent views of the lake Argentino, cross mighty Santa Cruz river, coast along the valley of La Leona river and panoramic sight of the Southern Andes and mount Fitz Roy. Near the top stars a large depression formed by water erosion where most of the fossils can be found. There is where our walk stars: we go down trough steep inclines of loose, dry, claylike soil and explore a seemingly endless system of gorges and ravines almost saturated with petrified wood that "sprouts" from the soil. We get to see tree trunks in diameter that range from 0.5 to 1.2 meters, heaps of fossilized broken bones and occasionally whole leg bones of large reptiles (still in the process of identification). Every day departs al 08:30 AM , returns al 5:00 PM.

Visit Bosque Petrificado La Leona


Bosque Petrificado La Leona